RealUXCamp honors its name. Expect camping, limited internet connection, limited bus connection, proper countryside food, self-made workshops and presentations in the old gym, pub or on the grass.

11.–13. 8. 2017, Bukovina

BarCamp offers you not only workshops, presentations and networking but also camping, making barbecue by the pond and watching sheep. Who will present and what topics will be covered is decided at the spot. Everybody can contribute. By giving a lecture, participating in a discussion or chopping wood for the fire.

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RealUXCamp organization is agile and based solely on volunteers.

You can help too

You will learn something, feel good and your life will be easier because research says this happens to people who often help others. You can help before the event, during the event or after it finishes.

How can you help?

Specific requests are posted at Twitter and Facebook.


The price includes camping site for a tent, toilet, shower, food from Friday to Sunday, non-alcoholic drinks, BarCamp program, renting the gym for presentations, electricity and wood for smoking the meat. The price does not include the RealUXCamp t-shirt and conference service – it is up to us to make the conference run.

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IDF members888 Kč

Confirmed participants

BarCamp principle

People argue about the definition but what I view as the main idea is that everyone can take part in both presenting and organizing.

If there is a task that does not get picked up by anyone, it simply does not happen. It is great that last year we had active volunteers. This year there are people keen on helping again.

Not just UX

The community have met at similiar events such as UX Mountains, UX Water, events organized by AsociaceUX or in Berlin. I would like to continue in this direction and in addition invite people from other areas which cooperate with UX. Especially those who are interested in agile and waterfall development, CX, service design, mobile and web apps, product management, psychology, soft skill, leading teams…


When I spoke about RealUXCamp at various events abroad, I got nice responses from Austrians, Germans, Polish, saying that they would like to come too. I have no idea how many might come.


Be ready to peel onions for the goulash, cut the meat, pull the beers, keep the fire in the smoke house, clean up, wash dishes, play the guitar, bring chairs, register participants. Everyone will help a little.

Corporate sponsors

If your company likes the idea of RealUXCamp or its community, you can support the event. I offer corresponding promotion and I am also open to creative and unusual forms of sponsorship.

Individual sponsors

You can, just like last year, bring a beer keg, name tags or become a local shuttle for a while. You can also donate money, just let me know in advance please.


It is up to you what you bring. Powerpoint slides or live demo at childrens' slide at the playground, discussion during a walk? From other AsociaceUX events we can see that people appreciate all kinds of unusual presentations; classic slides are best to digest at home or at work.

You do not need to register your presentation idea in advance. We will decide the program that day. There should be enough time slots for every presenter. Each slot is 45 minutes.


We will meet, find a place to camp. We will grill something and chat. Maybe we will sing.


After breakfast we will gather keen presenters and plan their presentations. Presentations will be happening until the evening, with breaks for refreshments. In the evening we will smoke meat, drink, make fire, play games…


Program is similar to Saturday. In the evening we clean up, pack our stuff and say good bye to each other. With those who decide to stay a bit longer we will eat dinner and watch the sunset.

Sanitary facilities

In Bukovina we will be relying on the hospitality of my neighbours. My reputation as well as next year's RealUXCamp is at risk. But we did fine last year, so I am sure we will manage again.


Bring your own tent or a plan how to spend the two nights. You can sleep in the gym on the floor or in the open air but a tent is a safe option. Civilization, that is Hradec Kralove, is also not far from Bukovina (5 km to the outskirts, 10 km to the centre). I will try to organize a shuttle.


There are two bathrooms in my house and a garden hose. There are toilets in the gym, in the pub and we will also have mobile toilets.

Food and drinks

I want as much local and home cuisine as possible. I will smoke meat again. We could also make our own sausages. What we loved last year and will have again is: smoked ribs, smoked cheese, traditional boiled meat, ground baked meat loaf, hommos, salads, cakes… Vegans and vegetarians will not starve here either. Bring your favourite wine or spirits so that you can share it with others.


This year I will have the keys from the pub again, so we will pour the beers, count them and pay the bill ourselves. Well, BarCamp transferred to the pub as well.


Bukovina is a small village next to Hradec Kralove. Life is quiet here, people know each other and like to meet for a beer. Not much is happening here; the most remarkable events from the past include a communist hero statue being knocked over by a local drunkard or a front garden being devastated by a run away goat. An ideal place for a UX guy to relax after his busy day at work. There are lots of birds, cats, sheep, dogs, martens, frogs and slugs in the village. In the gardens you can spot a deer or a hare. Tasty, organic apple juice is produced here. You can get here fresh eggs and chicken meat and barter smoked cheese for a window wiper.

It is a place where people meet in the pub, play ping pong or badminton, organize fun days for kids and celebrate New Year's Eve together.


From Hradec Kralove on Friday at 16:45, 18:47, 20:20, 22:30 and on Saturday at 8:40, 12:40, 16:40. The stop is called Bukovina, Černilov.


Catch a direct fast train from Vienna/Budapest/Bratislava/Prague to Pardubice. From there take a train to Hradec Kralove (25 min). In Hradec we will pick you up.

Local bus

The nearest stop is Rusek škola, bus line 13, 3 km walk from Bukovina.

Make sure that…

  • You have my phone number: Berka +420 608 940 631
  • Bring a tent and a sleeping bag
  • Ask for / offer car sharing or tent sharing
  • Bring some special food to share with others (optionally)
  • Bring something to drink (optionally)
  • Bring hookah, football, volleyball, petanque, … (optionally)
  • Bring your favourite cat, fish, pony, dog or other pets
  • Set up your mobile internet if you cannot survive without it


I want to thank to these volunteers who have helped a lot to make the RealUXCamp happen:

  • Jana Volencová – copywriting, translation, catering, operations
  • Honza Pobořil – programming, backend
  • Matej Kvasňovský – website, t-shirts, copywriting

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