now in Znětínek

Take part in the next RealUXCamp in the heart of the Bohemian–Moravian Highlands. You'll meet the right UX people in talks and workshops. The food will be plenty and forests will smell fresh.

13.15. 8. 2021, Znětínek

At RealUXCamp, nobody makes a difference between organizers, speakers or participants. We respect BarCamp principles. Nobody knows beforehand who will host a talk and share UX stories from the field, it may be you! Add delicious food, beer and tramping traditions.

Why you should come too:

You will meet a lot of people with the same UX blood type as yourself
Exchange stories with longtime practitioners
Relax in the middle of nowhere

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UX Well students get student prices too. Want to cancel? Cancellation fee is 100 CZK, 50 % from final price in the last week.

What's included in price? Place for your tent, shower, toilet, food and non–alcoholic beverages. We will take care of the conference place, including heating and lighting. You can be sure the talks will come from some of the most experienced UX specialists in CZ.


You can pay with card, PayPal or bank transfer. We accept Czech Crowns or Bitcoin.

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Who will attend

  • Jakub Bares
  • Ales
  • Bětka
  • Michal z pošty
  • Šárka z pošty
  • Terka z pošty
  • Petr
  • Tereza Kulichová
  • Jirka Váhala
  • Martina Strpkova
  • Matěj Heřman
  • Tomas Hrncir
  • David Kočí
  • Robert
  • Tadeáš
  • Tom Hlavoň
  • Drahomír Hájek
  • Dan Srb
  • Anna Schmidtova
  • Zuzka
  • Tamara
  • Gabča Véghová
  • Zuzka Tomášková
  • Jean Baklažán
  • Daniela Kolomazníková
  • Honza Toman
  • Gabka
  • Honza Kuchař
  • Marian
  • Tomáš Ludvík
  • Tomáš Janák
  • Jan Řezáč
  • Jezevec
  • Filip Jirsák
  • Tobiáš Vybíral
  • Ján Dugovič
  • Martina
  • Martin Skřivánek
  • Michal Biel
  • Dave
  • Tom Adamec
  • Honza Pobořil
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We are a BarCamp

Each of us forms the event and the schedule. There's no difference between participants and organizers. If you prepare a talk — we'll be thrilled. And if you help with cleaning after the camp — we'll be grateful. But don't forget, it's all about you — wake up whenever and do whatever with whomever you want — at a BarCamp.

Bring anything you want. Do you want to deliver a perfect presentation with slides and graphs? Do that. Have some tips from the field, want to talk about them near the lake? Go for it! We learned from the past years that people like practical talks more than dry theory.

In BarCamp format, you don't announce your talk in advance. We take care of everything on the spot. Each morning, we make a list of talks and generate a schedule. Talks are in blocks of 45 minutes. There's one room with a 16:9 projector.

And you go where your UX heart takes you.

Want to help us with preparations?

We encourage you to help with organizing. You'll learn something new and the result will be worth it!
How you can help? Follow us on Twitter, Slack UXCZ or Facebook, where we publish tasks you can help with. If you want to contribute another way — let us know.


Come, whenever it's convenient for you — we'll be in camp since morning. You will pitch up a ten for yourself and start enjoying the atmosphere. Then we'll start a campfire and grill a piece of meat and plant-meat. There even may be a sing-along later.


We break a fast and start to plan Saturday activities. We make a schedule of talks for the day. Later, talks will naturally change to campfire, feast, drinking, games or sport.


Activities will be similar to Saturday. Later, after five, we'll pack and say goodbye. A few will remain for dinner during sunset, before riding off in all directions.

Imagine: you, tent, beer, long evenings by the campfire… all at the traditional Czech summerhouse.


Bring a sleeping bag, teddy bear and a tent, there will be plenty of space. The garden will be trimmed so neatly, that you can sleep under the stars, if the weather allows. If you prefer sleeping indoors, there's floor space available an the old school, with a small kitchen and a toilet on site. If you want the comfort of a be, a few of us will fit in the rented neighborhood cottage, across the street. In all cases, better bring that sleeping bag!
We are going to park the cars at the neighbour's parking lot. But you know neighbours — the less cars, the better.


There's a traditional hand pump available. We've also got two comfortable variants. (A) Portable shower and washbasins (B) the luxury of neighbour's bathrooms, two of them — with warm water and WC.
For morning queues, we have a few portable toilets.

Food and drink

Food will be aplenty. The tables will bend under the weight of all the meat, not–meat and side–dishes.
For breakfast, we'll prepare a smörgåsbord buffet. Lunch will be warm and hearty home cooked meal. For dinner, we will be grilling variety of meats, cheese and veggies.
There will be cold draft czech beer available all the time. Bring your family treasure from vineyard or distillery for tasting. Or your national drink!


Peace and quiet from commotion of the city. What else to expect, from a tiny village between Pokojov and Radostín nad Oslavou (that translates literally to Peace and Joy upon Feast)? Relax, fun and a small celebration of UX design. And all the things we accomplished last year.

A dog barks or a neighbour starts up a circular saw — oh, magic of the countryside. Chilled out atmosphere, full of disussion, new information and contacts. Midway from Brno to Prague.


From D1 get off at exit Měřín and continue in direction to Žďár nad Sázavou. We recommend you put the GPS coordinates 49°28'14.3"N 15°55'34.3"E in your sat nav, to find the right parking spot. Don't forget to offer carpooling!


There's trains going from Prague and Brno to Žďár nad Sázavou, check We can come pick you up there, let us know when you will arrive in the carpooling sheet. You can also ride a bike for some 17km tour of hillocky countryside.


Driving a car and have some free seats left? Join a carpool! Penny for you and cleaner air for everybody. You'll get a chance to talk with UXers on the road and help more people get here.

We will send you an e-mail with instructions about where to offer and ask for a carpool in the week before the event.

What do veteran attendees say

Michal Acler

Designer & design manager for fintech products

I just love RealUXCamp as it’s one of its kind: original location (with a real camp!), it’s true to the barcamp tradition and there’s always a lot of friendly people willing to share their knowledge. It’s every year’s “a must” for me.

Ondra Raul

Product Designer & Researcher at Stride XL

I’ve been to every RealUXCamp since the very first one in 2013. It’s always been a great weekend full of not-only-UX people, tasty homemade food, and interesting talks. What I probably like the most is its informality and great atmosphere. You have a chance to meet people from all around the Czech Republic. And you don’t have to worry about anything, just chill out.

Check more praise with hashtag #RealUXcamp

Check short article (in Slovak): Príď spoznať UXákov na RealUXcamp from Matej Chyľa

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Do not forget

  • save the main organizer Honza's phone number: +420 775 802 735
  • tent, sleeping bag, or alternative plan to survive the night
  • offer or look for a shared ride or tent
  • tapas to share, home–made are best
  • wine, spirits or other drinks to share
  • hookah, soccer ball, pétanque set
  • book for a train ride or to talk about
  • dog, cat, fish, pony or canary
  • internet, if you need it for survival
  • other camping stuff you think you may need

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+420 775 802 735

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